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  • Refreshing
  • Affordable
  • Effervescent
  • Low-Sugar
  • Portuguese
  • Artisanal

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Exclusive Imports

Our wines come directly from Portugal, from small, family-run wineries & we import them ourselves to the US - no middle man!

Naturally Made

We only source wines from producers that have sustainable farming practices & low intervention wine-making - greener wine!


You will find no mass-produced wines here - only artisanal wine, using the best grapes in Portugal & made with love .
New to The Vinho?

What is 'Green Wine'?!

‘Green Wine’ is the English name given to wines from the Portugal's largest wine region - the Vinho Verde. The wines are not green in color, but the name refers to the verdant nature of the region - so, in fact, they are more correctly called Vinho Verde wines. The region is best known for it's young white wines with a slight effervescence, but it produces wines of all colors, aged & sparklings too...

Meet The Founders

From Portugal to California

Hey there, we're Justin & Leigh, and we're all about sharing our love of Portuguese wine (and maybe a few laughs) with you!

But you might be wondering, how did we end up here? Well, let's just say our taste buds took us on a wild journey that changed our lives forever!

So, what do you say? Let's raise a glass (or two) and embark on a wine-tasting adventure together...

A Toast to Our Fans...

  • Marley

    "We celebrated getting engaged with a bottle! Every wine I've I tried has been top notch. I'm super excited to place another order!"

  • Kendall

    "We had sooo much fun with these guys, all our friends are raving about them - I love learning about all the different wines from this region!"

  • Meaghan

    "It was so much fun to be a part of a green wine tasting!!! And the best part? No headache or hangover! I can attest!"

  • Jenn

    "I am a believer in this wine - I feel great after drinking it, it's super enjoyable, and it's all so affordable. Can't wait to buy some more bottles!"

  • Kate

    "None of their wines are mass-produced, and you can taste that. As soon as my order arrived, I knew we were in for such a great night!"

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