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‘Pétillant Naturel’

You may have heard the name, but what is a Pét-Nat?! Pét-Nat is an abbreviation of the French word– ‘Pétillant Naturel’– which translates to ‘Naturally Sparkling’ – put simply, Pét-Nats are natural sparkling wines!

Most sparkling wines,like Champagne & prosecco, are made in the traditional method. This means the wine goes through two fermentations – 1st in the tank & 2nd in the bottle, with the addition of yeast & sugar. With Pét-Nats, there is only one fermentation - which startsin the tank & then is bottled halfway through, with no additives – this is known as the ancestral method.

The Ancestral Method

The ancestral method is so named as it is the oldest form of sparkling winemaking - developed in France in the 16th century - but its discovery was most probably a happy accident! Wine bottled in the winter, would still contain dormant yeast, that would awake in the spring & continue fermentation, thus creating the bubbles we know & love today.

The ancestral method was all but abandoned for the traditional method, due to its risky & difficult to control nature – exploding bottles could destroy a whole harvest in seconds!

So, what makes Pét-Nats so great?!

They're Champagne’s, cooler, older brother, and here's 4 reasons why:


They are 100% natural!


Fresher & fruiter (sometimes funkier – but this is a good thing!)


Finer bubbles & a cloudy appearance , and can almost be likened to a cider.


Unopened, the taste will change from sweeter to drier over time!

Modern Makings

But thanks to our friend science - fermentation can now be measured & controlled - the ancestral method has made a resurgence in the past 10 years, and now Pét-Nats are the cool new (old) sparkling wines on the block!

If you can’t wait , put the bottle in a sunny window to speed up fermentation, and voila – a drier Pét-Nat!

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