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A Family Affair

The whole family had full-time jobs and could not commit to the project as well as their jobs, apart from Jorge, who in 2015, went solo and started to gain success; Jorge is a full time psychiatric nurse and is helped by his 2 sons.

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We recently shared an amazing lunch with Jorge - the food we had was amazing & the brilliant acidity of his white & rosé Vinho Verdes cut through the fattiness of red meat and paired so perfectly.

An Espigueiro, which translates as ‘granary’ and is a common feature of the Vinho Verde, is Barroso’s logo. They were built to store and dry out corn cobs, which would be food for cattle in the winter, and the stone legs protected the corn from being eaten by rodents.

His lineup includes a Alvarinho Barrica (15 months in old French oak barrels), an Alvarinho Reserva, an Estágio Prolongado Alvarinho (‘Prolonged stay’ - 15 months in steel), & a Rosé (100% Padeiro do Basto).

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