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Book Your Own Free Vinho Verde Wine Tasting With Us

Now accepting bookings starting May 27th

Sorry, we're fully booked for April & early May!

  • Minimum 8+ people required
  • Tasting include 8 wines for FREE
  • Available in and around greater San Diego

Want to book your very own Portuguese wine tasting with us?! All you have to do is throw a party, invite your friends & family and we’ll do the rest!

Enjoy a personalized wine tasting experience, lead by The Vinho co-founders Leigh & Justin. We bring the excitement and learning of a day on a vineyard right to the comfort of your own home.

Our wine tastings are FREE of charge for 8+ people & include 8 exclusive wines. You provide the space, and we’ll take take of everything else - wine glasses, tasting cards, & more  

Whether you’re hosting a book club, birthday, bbq or bachelorette party, this is the unique experience that will elevate your event  

*Additional bottles will be provided for participants to purchase at the end of the tasting at a special discounted price.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Cyrus Bulsara

Leigh and Justin delivered an exceptional tasting experience to my party of 8. They were punctual and professional from the beginning, arriving in advance and setting up quickly for an on-time start. They provided engaging and insightful commentary on all 8 wines in the tasting. They are infectiously passionate about their wines, and it was fun to go down many rabbit holes with them about grape varietals and winemaking practices and such. Leigh and Justin contacted me in advance to gauge our preferences and did a perfect job of tailoring the wine selection based on the feedback I provided. All 8 wines were good. Some were truly exceptional, and they were quick to share additional pours and point us to similar wines on their website. The wine tasted great, but it was really the way Leigh and Justin brought it to life that made it an evening to remember. Can't wait to do it again!!

Yukiko Michelle
Travelling back to Portugal!

I am a creator content based in San Diego (for the momment!) and during 2019 I got the luck to visit Portugal and had pretty decent wines over there.
Coming back to SD, I just couldn't find the wines I tried overseas, so I got a little bit turned off: what I found at stores here was not what I expected (just the cheapest of the cheapest that you can find in supermarkets in Oporto)
BUT! Where there's a will there's a way, so while I got my friends from Oporto visiting me and my colleagues, we dived in trying to find decent portuguese wines and we found about Leigh and Justin...
We started speaking about the possibility to have a wine tasting by the pool for my visits (Álvaro, Tiago and Andreia) who brought all of my favourite treats from Oporto, and we agreed on doing a pairing with their high end wines gama... and it just turned out perfect!!!
It just felt like going back to Portugal, remebering all the good things that me and my friends were through and a 5 stars service from Justin and Leigh!
Worth every second and every sip: this is VIP service!
Thanks again, and can not wait for them to take me to visit the wineries they bring their wines to the US with my family this summer!!!
Just lovely ^_^

Gloria Castagne
My greatest new obsession!

When I've heard about "Green Wine" I got immediatly drawn to get to know more about this!
I barely knew a thing about portuguese wines, but after scrolling on Instagram I found out about this!
Leigh and Justin were so kind on giving me information and I decided to book a private tasting for my husband's 45th birthday dinner with friends, and we all were mindblown! Perfect pairing, amazing wines, sorry, GREAT wines and a lot of happy moments and memories that made my guests very happy!
They were very generous and went above and beyond (my husband had one limited edition bottle as a present!)
Totally recommend and counting down for the next Vinho Verde tasting!
Thanks a lot, Justin and Leigh!
Best of success!

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