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Portuguese Wine Tasting

Diego is wine enthusiast who will guide you through a unique and memorable experience around Portuguese wines diversity, richness and heritage:

Authentic Food

Taste traditional Portuguese assorted cheeses and charcuterie.

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Diego's rated 5 stars by 98% of guests.


Guests say it's special and unique.

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Visit Diego's Tasting Room

Planning a trip to Portugal soon? We've got you covered!

First & foremost, you need to visit our friend Diego and his amazing wine tasting room! 

Located in the city center of Porto, the Patrimonio Wines Atelier tasting room focuses on a  wide range of Portuguese wines, including the bottles we import at The Vinho.

A custom made journey through Portugal and its unique wines, characters and different profiles paired along traditional regional products. Diego's tasting room & wine shop is located in the city center of Porto, on the inside of a particular XVIII century building.

Focused on a wide range of portuguese wines and regional products, in Património Wines Atelier you will find your perfect spot for enjoyable and memorable moments in Porto.

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